Elysium at inaugural Lendit Europe Conference


Andrew Duquemin attended the first Lendit Europe 2014 Altfi conference held in London on 17 November. This inaugural event brought together over 400 attendees, 50 speakers and 26 sponsors from 28 unique countries.  The attendees heard briefings on the latest developments in peer to peer ("P2P") lending and crowdfunding sectors.

Elysium has been involved in the Altfi sector for several years, having worked in early 2013 on the formative stages of P2P Global Investments Fund with Liberum, which launched on the London Stock Exchange in June 2014. More recently, in late 2013, the Elysium Group extended its interest in this sector by becoming founding shareholders in, and service providers to Sancus Holdings Limited, a P2P business based in the Channel Islands.