Hannah continues to progress in studies


Learning Teaching and Assessment Sub-committee ("LTAS")

The LTAS is a sub-committee of the University of London International Academy Academic Committee. It develops and reviews policies and procedures relating to learning, teaching and assessment in relation to all University of London International Programmes ("UOLIP") offered by the University of London. There are currently more than 50,000 students world-wide who are  studying UOLIP courses. The committee is made up of academics from the 12 colleges of which the University is comprised and Hannah has been appointed as the sole, undergraduate member.


National UK Mediation Competition

Hannah took part in the National UK Mediation Competition as part of a team of four members, representing the Institute of Law Jersey, hosted by Kingston Law School. The competition involves two regional competitions and a final competition. Hannah's team took part in the final on 31 January 2015 and placed first.


Routledge Law Prize

Hannah was the recipient of the Routledge Law Prize, awarded by The Law Society of Jersey and Institute of Law ("IOL") in recognition of obtaining the best overall second year performance of students of the IOL currently studying for an LLB. Hannah has also been appointed to the Staff-Student Liaison Committee of the IOL.